Certified Recycling Professional Core Class Schedule

The following series of courses make up the required core classes. Completion of all 40 hours is required prior to taking the Certified Recycling Professional Exam. The core classes are offered each year and can be taken in any order.

Questions? Please call the PROP office (717-441-6049 x 4) or email Marcy Robey
and we will be happy to assist in your personal journey to achieving the Certified Recycling Professional status. We look forward to working with you!

2024 Core Class Schedule

May 22/23, 2024

Location: Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority, 253 Transfer Road,  Bellefonte, PA 16823

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Recycling 105: Establishing & Enhancing a Program / Recycling 430: Buying & Using Recycled / Recycling 985: Zero Waste

Recycling 105 - Establishing & Enhancing a Recycling Program: (.35 CUE / 3.5 hours) Program Managers in both newly mandated communities and those with established programs will find this course valuable in helping to understand elements that build exceptional programs. Instructors will help participants understand the importance of tailoring a program to individual needs. Participants will see the value of a unified and comprehensive education program and examine the details of collection and processing.

Recycling 430 – Buying & Using Recycled/Waste Reduction and Reuse: (.35 CUE / 3.5 hours) This course provides practical, hands-on information for recycling officials, purchasing officials and using agencies on buying recycled products. This training program discusses the following topics: why buying recycled products is important, making a commitment to buy recycled, legislation and content standards, price, quality and availability of recycled products, specifications and testing and waste prevention.

Recycling 985 - Zero Waste: (.7 CEU / 7 hours) Zero waste businesses are leading the way for Zero Waste and have diverted over 90% of their waste from landfill and incineration. Zero waste communities have adopted zero waste goals and plans to implement those goals. This course will demonstrate how zero waste can be a key part of community and business sustainability plans and help contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and global warming.

 Oct 16/17 2024

Location: TBD

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Recycling 101 - Practice & Theory (1.40 CEUs / 14 hours)

PROP’s two-day Practice & Theory course is designed for new or experienced coordinators, solid waste managers, and others in related fields.

This interactive course entails an overview of the comprehensive Recycling manual on subjects vital to building, implementing, and sustaining a successful recycling program. 

Our instructors are Recycling Professionals who bring their extensive knowledge and experiences into an interactive classroom setting offering tremendous networking opportunities along with the educational aspects of the course.  

An excellent first step to becoming a PROP Certified Recycling Professional!